• gas tank on right side of frame in between seat and handle bars.
  • 70 miles approximately per tank (watch your mileage and your tank)


Procedure For Tomos Mopeds:

  • put down the stand and stand on the left side of the moped
  • If engine is cold, raise the choke lever (on right side of moped near  foot rest)
  • slide the red on/off switch (located on right handle bar) to “on” position
  • hold in rear brake
  • hold throttle (right handle grip) open 1/3 turn
  • step down on the kick starter towards rear of moped
  • after engine runs for a few seconds, push choke lever back down


  • no clutch lever, no shifting gears
  • left hand lever (rear brake)
  • right hand lever (front brake)
  • at low speeds and tight maneuvering, keep hand on left (rear) brake
  • use both brakes evenly when stopping abruptly
  • use extreme caution when braking on gravel and wet roads
  • never jam on either brake (you may cause a skid)
  • never take your hands off of the handle grips, you will become very unstable
  • if you want to stop in mid-travel get off the road! (pull off in a safe place)


  • never ride a moped unless you are wearing a helmet
  • pass carefully (you and the one you pass can scare easily)
  • use your turn indicators (they won’t click off automatically)
  • ride single file and not too close

  • use mirrors at all times
  • stay off all private, chained, posted roads (you will be ticketed)
  • watch for cars pulling out quickly from hidden driveways



  • baskets or luggage racks are for lightweight items only – make sure cargo is secure
  • place both hands on the handle bars and both feet on the foot pegs when riding
  • obey all federal and local laws and regulations while riding
  • do not open and close throttle rapidly – this could cause possible loss of control of the moped (to accelerate, open throttle gradually, for deceleration close the throttle)
  • when slowing down the moped, coordination of the throttle and the front and rear brake is most important
  • when riding in wet or rainy conditions or on loose surfaces, exercise extreme caution when braking
  • when descending a steep grade, close the throttle slowly and  use both brakes to slow down the moped
  • both front and rear brakes should be applied together
  • independent use of only the front or rear brake reduces stopping performance
  • excessive brake application may cause either wheel to lock, reducing control of the moped


  • 10 mph to 15 mph are the perfect sightseeing speeds.
  • pot holes are everywhere and you hit hard
  • eyes on the road!
  • loose gravel and gravel roads are like ice (loose gravel builds up at all forks, intersections and driveways)
  • very narrow shoulders on most roads, be aware of traffic behind you – use your mirrors. DON’T TURN YOUR HEAD!!
  • your chances of a mishap are greatly decreased at a lower speed
  • if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t go!